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This is my personal addendum to’s ’10 Actors Who Could Play Nightwing in the Batman Solo Film.’

Colton Haynes is already experienced playing a Comic Character from his time as “Arsenal’ on the CW’s Arrow.

He also has the same look, and build of Nightwing from the comics, as is shown in the picture below. (Sort of.)

I also think he would be an excellent choice because he has a lot of Fan’s already and his popularity as Arsenal could only help the total audience size for the still un-named Solo Batman movie.

Of course, my opinion could be skewed because I am in the group of fans that I just mentioned but as it has been mentioned multiple times, Nightwing is from Bludhaven:

Blüdhaven is mentioned, and seen in these Arrow episodes:

  • Mentioned in “An Innocent Man”

  • Mentioned by Slade Wilson in the episode “The Man Under the Hood” and later again by Oliver in “Uprising”.

  • Seen in both “Dead to Rights” and “The Undertaking.” Where in the first of which, the wounded Floyd Lawton is hiding, before Chien Na Wei locates him for a job: kill Malcolm Merlyn. In the second appearance, it is the city where Merlyn has been keeping Walter Steele.

If you need any more convincing that Colton Haynes has the experience needed, tucked securely under his ‘utility’ belt to tackle the role of Nightwing, just head on over to his IMDB page Here!

Let me know in the comments below who YOUR pick is. 🙂 

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