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Who Are… The Defenders?

It is beginning to seem like Netflix is scooping up a lot of kick-ass new superhero shows. At least that is the impression I get from the recent debut of Luke Cage, and the upcoming 2017 release of “The Defender’s” whoever they might be.

I will have to do some investigating and get back to you. Keep your eyes open!

Let’s Watch…

Anything with Nirvana in the soundtrack just HAS to be awesome! And I would know that voice anywhere! So would you if you are a fan of the Daredevil series on Netflix.

Now, I obviously know more about the cast than I am letting on, but I want to give you all a chance to try and make your own guesses. Let me know in the comments below who your guesses are.

Hint: The video above has all the clues you need.

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